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Landscape Imaging Before And After
Landscape Imaging Before And After

Starting from scratch on a landscaping project is sometimes a good thing. You can dramatically increase your home's curb appeal, and it presents the opportunity to evaluate and correct potential drainage problems.

With all the decisions you must make, it can be overwhelming for many homeowners. Visual imaging computer software can make the task a lot easier. A created picture of "how will it look" is an excellent way to start the project and will help you determine what plants to use, edging choices, possible patios, etc.

The first step is to remove all existing plant material. Depending on the project, older plants can sometimes be left. Usually, it is better to transplant the ones you would like to keep and use them elsewhere. New landscape beds will typically have smaller plants re-planted; the existing larger plants can look awkward or forced in the updated landscape. They are just out of proportion.

In this project, the homeowner chose to have concrete edging installed. Concrete edging is one of the longest-lasting and most maintenance-free edging choices available. It is also likely one of the most expensive. Depending on your preferences, different color dyes are available in concrete mixes. Natural gray is the most common choice since it is neutral.

Fieldstone or boulders are common in my area and widely used in landscaping projects. I'm a big fan of using materials that mimic our natural surroundings in all my projects. Larger rocks create an excellent effect in landscape beds.

Larger cities usually have landscape supply centers, and many choices are available for the smaller decorative rocks used in landscape beds. Spend more money, and choose one of the different granites or limestones with good coloring; you won't regret it. Make sure you factor in the color of your house, brick color, etc., to avoid clashing. Visual imaging computer software can also be invaluable when making these color choices.

The video here gives an overview of the landscape project on the abovementioned topics.

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