Opening Up Space and Light For A Conifer Garden: Spring Snow Crab Pruning

Spring Snow Crabapple Branches That Need Pruning
Kevin pointing to the Spring Snow Crabapple branches that need pruning

If you love plants you quickly discover that it is a common problem among your fellow gardeners that you’ve planted your plants too close together. We want one of everything!

When my wife and I moved to our current home, we inherited this beautiful row of flowering crabapples. I decided to break the repetition of the straight row and add some contrasting plants in between the rows. We added primarily new conifers, but one deciduous shrub did sneak in (a Royal Purple Smoke Bush).

So we hired a friend, Marv, to transplant one of the Red Splendor Flowering Crabs, opening up space for our new plants. You can check out that moving process here from a news segment I used to do on the local newscast called Plant Talk. It was a 90-second spot I did each week on the local news. Yes, the crabapple is doing great in its new location!

And now, the time has come when the Spring Snow Crabs are starting to reclaim that space—time to prune.

Our video below looks at the pruning needed to open up light and space to ensure all our plants are happy and content in their new (over-planted) 😊 locations.

I hope you enjoy the video. Thanks for stopping by Garden Hike.


Spring Snow Crab Pruning

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