Planting A Prairie Horizon Manchurian Alder

Prairie Horizon Manchurian Alder Alnus hirsuta cv. 'Harbin'
Kevin Rolling a Prairie Horizon Manchurian Alder Towards Its New Home

The Prairie Horizon Manchurian Alder is a North Dakota State University introduction, where I studied horticulture back in the 1980's. I also highlighted this tree in a video titled Four Medium Sized Trees You'll Love that you can watch here.

Top five reasons to plant a Prairie Horizon Manchurian Alder?

Beauty: The Prairie Horizon Manchurian Alder is a stunning tree, with its distinctive glossy, dark green leaves and slender, upright growth habit, making it a beautiful addition to any landscape.

Adaptability: This tree is incredibly adaptable to a wide range of soil conditions, from dry to wet, making it an ideal choice for gardeners looking for a tree that can thrive in various environments, including full sun and shade.

Low Maintenance: The Prairie Horizon Manchurian Alder is a relatively low-maintenance tree, requiring little more than occasional watering and pruning to keep it healthy and looking great. If pruning is needed, prune in late winter after extreme cold has passed.

Longevity: Prairie Horizon will reach 25 feet in 18-20 years with a mature height of 45 feet. With a lifespan of up to 80 years, the Prairie Horizon Manchurian Alder is a long-term investment in your garden hardy to zone 3.

Winter Interest: Purple catkins and clusters of brown cone-like fruits add interest in the winter.

This planting location is the result of removing a severely damaged Techny Arborvitae due to girdling by Voles. You can see that video here.

Watch the video below to see the planting and staking of this great small ornamental tree.

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