Swedish Ivy - Propagate From Cuttings

Swedish Ivy Propagation
Swedish Ivy Propagation

The Swedish Ivy, Plectranthus verticillatus, is a common variety grown for houseplants.

The low light conditions in most homes make this an excellent plant to grow, especially for beginners, due to its easy care. For year-round outdoor growing, Zone 10 or higher temperature climates are necessary. Native to South Africa and parts of Australia, it is considered an invasive plant in many areas.

In colder climates where I live, Zone 4, it is often sold as a hanging basket at garden centers and in smaller pots that can be used as a filler in summer shade-loving annual planters.

I recently purchased a lovely hanging basket from my local garden center and kept it growing in a brightly lit area on my front porch for the summer season. After bringing it inside for the winter, it started to drop many leaves (typical), so I decided this would be a good time to propagate by cuttings and create dozens of new plants.

The video here shows the propagating process. I've also listed the basic steps after the video.

Propagation steps for Swedish Ivy:

  • Sterilize the tools that you will be using to make the cuttings.
  • Cut a stem section 4-6 inches long with at least four leaves.
  • Fill your pots with moistened potting soil.
  • Remove the lower leaves on your cutting so at least 2 inches will be in the soil.
  • If you use a rooting hormone, dip your cutting in the powder.
  • Use a pencil to create an opening in the soil and insert the cutting.
  • Cover your new pot and cutting with plastic to create high humidity.

New growth should appear within two weeks when you can remove the plastic. Warming the soil with a heating mat as your cutting begins to root will speed up the process, but it is unnecessary. Rooting compounds are optional. I usually only recommend them on plants that are difficult to propagate, and Swedish Ivy is not one of them.

Houseplants fill the void since we can't garden outside in the winter in my area. I can't imagine a home without them.

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