The Seven Dwarfs: Compact Conifers For Tight Spaces

Danica Arborvitae Thuja occidentalis 'Danica'
Danica Arborvitae Mingling With Gold Coast Juniper

Dwarf conifers are a great addition to any garden.

One of the main advantages of planting dwarf conifers is their compact size. Unlike their larger counterparts, these plants are perfect for smaller gardens or for filling in gaps in your landscape. Dwarf conifers also work great in container gardens.

Their best benefit, though, is their low maintenance requirements. Once established, they require minimal watering and pruning, making them ideal for busy gardeners or those who want to keep their gardens looking great with minimal effort.

Dwarf conifers are also evergreen, which means they provide year-round interest and color in your garden, even in winter when other plants may be dormant. Our dwarf Deborah is an exception. Though appearing to be evergreen, she is in the Larch group, which drops its needles in the winter and is classified as a deciduous evergreen.

If you love conifers, Iseli Nursery is one of the best resources available for great quality products. It has an excellent website full of photos and descriptions, as shown below—a special thanks to Iseli for allowing me to use their placards for all the dwarfs I've highlighted on this post.

Take a walk with me through the gardens in the video below, where we'll take a close look at how each dwarf conifer is getting along.

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