Vibrant Viburnums: Cold Hardy and Unbelievably Eye-Catching!

Various Flowers And Fruits Of Viburnums
Various Flowers And Fruits Of The Viburnums

The Most Notable Qualities of Viburnums

Viburnum plants are known for their outstanding qualities, making them desired for gardens and landscaping. Often referred to as Cranberry Viburnums, they are not the true cranberries on our Thanksgiving table. Listed below are the top five attributes and three of my favorite hardy varieties.


One of their most notable qualities is their versatility, as they can thrive in various growing conditions, from full sun to partial shade. They come in multiple sizes, shapes, and colors, making them suitable for many purposes. They can also grow in various soil types, from clay to sandy soils.

Beautiful Blooms

Another excellent quality of viburnum plants is their beautiful blooms. Depending on the variety, they can produce clusters of small, fragrant flowers in white, pink, or even red shades. These blooms add visual interest to a garden and attract pollinators like bees and butterflies.

Vibrant Foliage

Depending on the species, viburnum plants are also appreciated for their foliage, ranging from glossy green to deep burgundy. Some varieties even have striking fall colors, with leaves turning orange, red, or purple.

Attract Pollinators

In addition to their aesthetic qualities, viburnum plants also offer practical benefits. They are known for attracting birds to a garden, as the berries produced by some species are a favorite food source for many bird species.

Medicinal Properties

Some varieties of viburnum also have medicinal properties and have been used for centuries to treat various ailments. An extensive review of phytochemistry and biological effects can be found here.

Blue Muffin Viburnum
Viburnum dentatum ‘Christom’
Height: 6-8’ x Spread: 6-8’
Full Sun to Part Shade
Zone 3
Creamy White Flowers
Blue Fruits in Fall
Glossy Green Leaves and Showy Fall Colors

Red Balloon Viburnum
Viburnum x rhytidophylloides ‘Redell’
Height: 6-8’ x Spread 6-8’
Full Sun To Part Shade
Zone 4
White Flowers
Red Fruits Turning Black
Leathery Green Leaves and Purplish Red Fall Colors

Bailey Compact American Cranberry Viburnum
Viburnum trilobum ‘Bailey Compact’
Height: 3-6’ x Spread: 3-6’
Full Sun to Part Shade
Zone 2
Minimal flowers and fruit
Showy Fall Colors

These cold-hardy Viburnums will withstand even the harshest winter conditions, while still delivering an eye-catching display. With their beautiful blossoms and striking foliage, viburnums are sure to bring your garden to life. Enjoy the video.

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